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This week and next week, our On The Mend Mentors will be receiving a mental health training from local mental health professionals. This training ("It's Real" Peer Mental Health Training) is derived from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. After this training, our mentors will be will equipped with the tools they need be a stong advocate for themsleves and their peers regarding mental health!

MCHS On The Mend

Mental Health Resources For You, All In One Place


Our school's climate committee, better known as Project Raiders, developed On The Mend in order to combat some of the issues we've seen among the student population. The issue that deserves the most attention in our opinion, is that of mental health.  ​ Mental health and mental health awareness are two very important things when it comes to the school's atmosphere. The goal of this website is to provide mental health resources and guidance for all of our MCHS students.  ​ This website is designed so students can access mental health resources digitally. This website is just the first step for On The Mend. Be on the lookout for what we do next!

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